Remember the day when saying that you're a software developer used to mean something?

I do.

Twenty something years ago, being a nerd meant you were the "go to guy" for computers. If somebody needed to build, format or fix their computer, you'd be it.


Most of the time it was purely out of a favour and you could claim it back in some way or another, even though you would have done it for free and still have heaps of fun doing it because you'd learn something from it.

Fifteen years ago, being able to produce software was something people would look up to. A Bill Gates of sorts.

They would ask you about your hobby/job and be genuinely interested in the conversation.

If you brought it up a decade ago, you may get a couple of people who may.. (continued)

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Released the app last night. The blurb is below. Get it from the Android market.

Ever wondered what someone would look like if they had a moustache? Well wonder no more, Moustachify will add a moustache to any face! Need a moustache on your: - baby son? - girlfriend? - ... GRANDMA? Simply take any photo and it'll do the rest for you.



The Queen and Britney Spears getting the moustachify treatment.

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Just released Funky's code for the calculator..


Easy to use and it's awesome...

if you have any questions visit us at the IRC channel #genscripts on irc.genscripts.net

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The best shirts from a collection of online stores rolled into one site for you to browse.

Think of it as a Failblog or FML for shirts, but in a good way!

    Tag shirts you want to buy so you're ready to buy as soon as the sales begin!
    Rate the shirts you like.
    Share shirts with other people.
    Find out which stores have been good to customers and which dodgy stores to avoid.


Become a fan on Facebook here!

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Genscripts is full of talented people with a variety of skills, so if you need help in something, just post something up!

No matter if its ASM, embedded systems, web dev, .NET, creating plugins for Firefox or even shell scripting, feel free to ask or pop into our IRC channel #genscripts on irc://irc.genscripts.net


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